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创造更多的鼓舞人心的, 有趣的, and meaningful remote or classroom learning experiences for you and your students. 冰球突破mg平台让它变得自由和轻松.





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生活或记录, here are just a few of the ways teachers use 冰球突破mg平台视频 to maintain the vital human connection with their students.


Preview the day’s lesson content with a short video your students can watch beforehand, so they come to class prepared to get the most of your time together.


Help your students to succeed by outlining clear expectations, 到期日期, and grading criteria in a short video they can review as often as needed.


Give students a valuable boost before tests by visually reviewing key concepts and expectations, plus tips for studying and test-taking.


Add a personal touch to messages home from school such as progress updates, 公告, 家庭作业, 和学期集锦.


“I love that I can infuse my personality into lessons, direct student attention and focus, and still have ‘face time’ with my kids—even in remote learning.”

8年级U.S. History teacher, Mayfield Middle School, Cleveland, OH

“冰球突破mg平台 helps bring my lessons alive. It makes them 有趣的 and engaging in a way that excites my students. And when I don't use it, my scholars let me know they're not happy about it!”

K–5 Science/STEM teacher, PS277x, Bronx, NY

“我爱冰球突破mg平台. Information with visuals is always better-received, so when I tried 冰球突破mg平台视频, I was hooked. Once I realized how easy it was, I got carried away.”

Dr. Allison Upshaw
导演, 教师发展中心, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, 斯蒂尔曼学院, 塔斯卡卢萨, AL


冰球突破mg平台’s motion and interactivity let you show added context and make any topic feel more dynamic and entertaining—without clicking through slides.

不管什么主题, 研究表明优雅, eye-catching graphics make any message more compelling and easier to understand.


With designer templates for every subject, 大量可重复使用的内容, and a full library of icons and images, there’s no need to start from scratch—unless you want to.


Save time and effort with designer templates, icons, and images for any topic.

Browse shared presentations, videos, and designs you can customize as your own.

No need to scrap those old slide decks. Simply “prezify” what you already have.


From our dedicated 教育 团队 to our vast library of shared teacher-created content, we’re all working together to make learning more meaningful with 冰球突破mg平台.


See how teachers around the world use 冰球突破mg平台 to reach their students. Then share your own best videos, presentations, and designs.

Explore our library of 冰球突破mg平台 creations by other teachers. Save time by simply customizing with your own images and text.

Tap into a wide range of well-researched, high-quality 冰球突破mg平台 lesson plans by experienced educators for use in your own classes.